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Migrations happen. Whether we are ready for them or not they are a necessary part of maintaining websites and businesses online.

The stakes are often high as lots of organic traffic and business are at risk. We know change isn’t always fun, but done correctly these are opportunities for SEO cleanup and better yet upgrades to your organic performance.

We partner with companies to help guide them through this often crazy process.


Real real, if your migration is in a month or less and you are just getting to SEO now, no need to reach out (unless you’re willing to push back your timeline). SEO is a fundamental part of migrations, not an afterthought. We rather let you know upfront.

Migration Services


  • Companies doing domain changes or rebranding

  • Sites changing their URL structures

  • Companies consolidating domains, subdomains, or microsites

  • Those moving to a new platform infrastructure or framework


  • Create detailed SEO action plans that outline tasks, timelines, and responsibilities.

  • Identify the technical considerations defining the current a potential issues

  • Mitigate risks of organic traffic loss

  • Test and validate that migrations are done correctly

  • Monitor organic performance changes pre and post-migration

  • Report on results/KPIs and impact of changes

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