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Navigating markets or expanding your product/service lines?


Don’t do so without considering the voice/language of the customer. How they express their needs online (demand in search) and who currently services those needs (supply in search results).


Our Market & Audience Intelligence services are tailor-made to fit ambitious companies and discerning investors (including PE/VC firms and hedge funds) focused on making informed and strategic decisions.


By decoding the language and preferences of your audience, we ensure you are aligning your features and messaging perfectly to create unparalleled success.

VibeLogic ushers in a new era of strategic SEO mastery, tailored for the architects of the web – your company.


In a landscape where SEO isn't just science but art, we extend our hand to brands seeking to sculpt their in-house SEO practices into masterpieces, to visionaries yearning for an insightful ally to ensure their SEO efforts not only blossom but flourish.


Competitive Intellifence


  • Companies looking to launch in a new market

  • Companies expanding into a new geography

  • Companies considering expanding into new products or services

  • PE/VC Firms thinking of investing in a market

  • Hedge Funds - Looking to add search visibility to their investing strategies

  • Consulting Firms - Aiming to help their clients size market opportunities


  • Identify who to consider competitors

  • Pinpoint the best places to advertise that are being seen by your target audience

  • Uncover key potential partnerships

  • Where important conversations are taking place that you may want to engage socially

  • Understand what sites are influencing your buyers' decisions

  • Identify the nano influencers that shape your audience's opinions

  • Consider feature and product naming conventions that align with the language and understanding of your audience

  • Establish what topics and questions your prospects care about and who is answering

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Competitive Intellifence

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