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It’s a quaint idea that Search Engines are in the business of judging businesses to provide their searchers with the best solution.


The reality is search engines don’t know which oncologist has the best rate of curing cancer any more than they do which car you should buy. They are in the business of judging websites and they do so with the context that matters to their users. So, what is your website telling them?

We partner with companies to help guide them through this often crazy process. Real real, if your migration is in a month or less and you are just getting to SEO now, no need to reach out (unless you’re willing to push back your timeline). SEO is a fundamental part of migrations, not an afterthought. We rather let you know upfront.

Migration Services

Competitive Intellifence


  • Companies about to or having gone through website redesigns or migrations

  • Website having organic performance issues

  • Websites that need to investigate potential search penalties

  • Websites that have seen organic traffic drops and need answers

  • Organizations that want to improve their search visibility by understanding what is holding them back technically


  • Ensure your site structure is built for both users and bots

  • Diagnose performance issues site-wide, section-wide, and at the page level.

  • Understand crawling and indexing issues

  • Identify linking issues and opportunities

  • Make sure you are deploying schema and structured data effectively

  • Analysis of speed and usability to increase performance

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Competitive Intellifence

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